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Activated Faucet Carbon Water Filter

Activated Faucet Carbon Water Filter

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A must item for home & office use compact, environmental & easy to install!  

This mini portable filter is made of quality non-toxic PVC and activated carbon which is lightweight and practical. It may fit most of the faucet directly, very convenient. 

It can remove rusts, parasites, contaminants, worms, residual chlorine, algae, heavy metal ions, dirt, organic pollutants, unpleasant tastes, cryptosporidium, and giardia.

Calcium nitrate: Absorbs organic compounds, toxic metal ions and harmful bacteria and viruses in the water. It has a very strong absorption, especially for dechlorination.

Activated carbon: Filters out chlorine, odor, and a variety of toxic and hazardous substances in the water, and has a bactericidal antibacterial function.


  • Makes water pure and tasty & bland, avoiding splashing.
  • Treatment by internal organizational level to achieve the rapid purification of layered filtering effect. 
  • Reduce and control the faucet water flow, to prevent splashes and save water. 
  • Enjoy clean water with the help of this health tap water purifier. 


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